July 4th, 2015 Barbecue!

When I think of community, I think food. Food brings us together. We share our creations with each other. Proud makers of chocolate truffles and potato salad are side by side in bringing their masterpieces to the table. On July 4th we had our first annual BBQ here at Bluestone. We had approximately 90 people from every different direction show up. It was a chance for many to experience our farm (and all our furry/feathered friends) for the first time.

We got to see young kids run around and get muddy (it rained all Saturday morning). Adults talked and caught up with old friends and met new acquaintances. We had different groups branch off to play volleyball in a near by park, or just relax around our brand new Fire Pit! (See pictures below). Tim Forringer, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) cooked a pig in a slow roaster for 8 hours, and I can confidently say it was the best pulled pork I've ever sunk my teeth into!

We are excited to see a community simultaneously join hands at Bluestone to celebrate the birth of this great nation. Bluestone is a place designed to bring families together and connect people with nature. If you missed the fun this year, don't worry. We are already thinking of ways that we can build upon and improve our July 4th event for next year! To stay up to date on all the latest events happening at Bluestone Farms, please subscribe in the box on the bottom right of this page. For now, please enjoy these photos taken by Oliver Noll during the event.

July_4th-34 Buddies on the go
July_4th-8 Orientation
July_4th-2 Thank you everyone for bringing your home-made dishes! What a spread!
July_4th-3 We did the best we could in the rain!
July_4th-27 That's one happy Chef
July_4th-30 Tim Forringer in his element
July_4th-11 The potluck scramble
July_4th-9 And he saw that it was good
July_4th-18 Sunkwon Bush being a goofball
July_4th-19 Fritz on the go
July_4th-29 A peaceful moment for Mama Stewart
July_4th-35 Naomi Watanabe giving one of the pigs a little belly rub.
July_4th-25 Baby Vailen and Papa Seungkook!
July_4th-22 The Allens!
July_4th-24 and the Savages!!
July_4th-26 Behind this adorable scene of Liz and her baby, you can see some of the awesome fire pit that was built just before the event through volunteer efforts.
July_4th-21 The very photogenic Nishimuras


We will see you next year!!