Tending Her Garden

On any given morning or late afternoon, you'll find Aunt Elke Noll tending her garden. Elke, it seems, has always loved being in nature. She has gone on many hikes and swum in many oceans, but now, she has a chance to do something completely new. Now she is creating something. Each day sees the plants grow a little more. Each sunrise dawns on a garden full of life. Below you will find pictures taken on one such day. Enjoy!

Bluestone_Edit-4 New garden layout this year, paths have wood chips to keep the weeds down, each row has a soaker hose with individual shut off and straw mulching, all these measures will reduce water consumption.
Bluestone_Edit-6 Good ol’ wheel barrow, the best way to maneuver through the rows.
Bluestone_Edit-2 Rhubarb gift from a neighbor last year, coming in strong.
Bluestone_Edit-7 Red cabbage, each bed has their own permanently installed soaker hose.
Bluestone_Edit-9 Reusing whatever possible (ties from straw bales)
Bluestone_Edit-3 The beautiful Mama Noll