Pigs and Chicks

Old Mc’Donald Had a Farm, eeh-ei-eeh-ei-oh…

Things are starting to smell a lot like a farm here are Bluestone. Along with welcoming our two Highland Cattle, we have now DOUBLED our chickens and added two new pigs to our Bluestone Family! Never a dull moment here in Millrift PA.


Everyday the Bluestone Interns (Julia, Andrew and Misha) have to carefully wash the baby chicks to keep them healthy! Bluestone_Edit-24

The Baby chicks will often sleep together to stay warm.Bluestone_Edit-23

Andrew giving them chicks a “ride” as they jump on and off his hands.Bluestone_Edit-21

Mama Noll sure was happy to meet the Piggys! Bluestone_Edit-20

And they were happy to meet her too! Bluestone_Edit-18

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We hope to see you soon!